• Secure Quality Mounts

    For years the airline industry has wanted to find a way to create Electronic Flight Bags. The benefits would be obvious: instant access to more information, interaction with real-time flight data, and the ability to easily and automatically update all of this information.

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  • The Certified Solution

    flyTab goes beyond paperless EFB. flyTab is the first true integration of the cockpit on the iPad, certified by the FAA and Apple. flyTab is a comprehensive hardware and software solution that integrates multiple avionics data buses with real-­‐time data viewing and recording...

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  • Real-Time Data for iPad EFB

    Apple’s iPad is a revolutionary device to the aviation industry. So much so that, 2012 marked the year of the “iPad Cockpit Invasion.” Many major airlines, including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines, have already deployed...

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  • Request our Technical Overview

    Get a glimpse at the future of aerospace technology.

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The flyTab SDK (Software Developer's Kit) provides a certified framework to build fully "aircraft aware" apps that integrate real-time data from the airframe with any 3rd party app.

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iPad EFB solutions require durable mounting options that withstand the rigors of in-flight use. flyTab PedTray mounts ensure security, connectivity & future compatibility.

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Implementing tablet-based EFBs requires a power source that protects the airframe and the EFB. The PCM (Power Conditioning Module) provides safe & reliable aircraft power.

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A single AIM (Aircraft Interface Module) collects and distributes ARINC 429 and other flight and maintenance data from aircraft system & sensors to multiple iPad EFBs.

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